What Makes Us Different

  • We spend the time necessary to solve your problems, all for a flat rate decided in advance
  • There is NEVER a charge for travel
  • Our remote connection service is a cost effective alternative for minor problems and out of towners
  • We have over 10 years of experience with hundreds of satisfied customers
  • We provide both software and hardware support
  • In general, we will not charge you a cent if we can’t solve your problem
  • We will not only help you  in moving to a new system but we will help you in deciding which system best suits your needs
  • We will assist you in communicating with all technical people including manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, warranty personnel, etc,
  • All software provided to you is always free of charge
  • We will set up your Windows 8 PC to act like Windows 7 (this is no small feat!)



Ron Honigman/Compumed 19 Lesage
H9A 1Z5
514-291-2936 compumed@videotron.ca